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(Italiano) Inizio ultimi lavori

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Last hauling before the launch

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Dear friends,

on June 26, the ship was beached to start the construction of the second bridge and maintenance to the hull, in view of the upcoming launch.This will be the moment that will define the successful restructuring and conversion of the ship to its new function, with new color and name.On this occasion, the engines were turned on and the propeller was operational for the first time.
We’re almost there!

Update on ship fixing works

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Dear friends and supporters,
we are pleased to report that we finally concluded the heavy carpentry works aimed at restoration of the ship.

Also, thanks to our friends in Lugano we will soon begin the construction of the second deck of the ship, used as an extension both for the hospital and for any operations of embarking patients by helicopter.

The new facility will also be equipped with walkable solar panels to increase the ship’s energy capacity and at the same time reduce environmental impact.


Ship-side and deck before and after





hospital ship project

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